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OMNY readers

Contactless fare payment technology

OMNY readers are point-of-sale terminals, allowing you to pay your fare and enter the system – all in a split second.

Row of OMNY readers installed in a subway platform

Just like you swipe or dip your MetroCard at MetroCard readers, you can tap your contactless card, your smart device, or an OMNY card at OMNY readers.

As soon as you tap, the OMNY reader will show a message on the screen to confirm if the tap was successful. In certain situations, your tap may not be successful, or the OMNY reader might not be available to accept your tap, so different screens may appear on the OMNY reader. One difference between MetroCard and OMNY is that your free transfer will not be confirmed at the OMNY reader. If your trip qualifies for a free transfer, you will not be charged for that trip. You can register for an OMNY account or sign in to view your trips and charges.

Black tap here screen with brand logos

Tap Here

This screen indicates that the OMNY reader is operational and is ready for use. If you see this screen, just tap and go!

Green go screen with an arrow pointing up and left

Go (Left Arrow)

You made a successful tap at an OMNY reader located at a subway turnstile or at the front door of a bus. Enjoy your ride!

Green go screen with an arrow pointing up

Go (Up Arrow)

You made a successful tap at an OMNY reader located at a vertical subway turnstile or at an AutoGate. Enjoy your ride!

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

If you see this screen, the bus is running shuttle service and is not collecting fares. Simply board the bus and be on your way.

Inspection mode active

Inspection Mode Active

You will notice this screen during a fare payment inspection on Select Bus Service buses. Tap your payment method on the device carried by the inspector to prove payment.

Red tap again screen

Tap Again

Your tap was not successful, but you can try again.

Red tap one card screen

Tap One Card

The OMNY reader has detected more than one bank card, smart device, or OMNY card. Try again using only one payment method.

Red payment method expired screen

Card Expired

You used a payment method that has expired and the OMNY reader cannot accept your tap. Try again using a different payment method.

Red payment not accepted screen

Card Not Accepted

Your payment method was not accepted. You may see this screen if you tapped a cancelled card or if your payment method is blocked or suspended.

Red ride limit exceeded screen

Ride Limit Exceeded

You have exceeded the maximum number of taps for one payment method. You can tap and pay for yourself and up to 3 additional riders with the same payment method on a single trip.

Red no entry screen

No Entry

This screen appears in one of several scenarios. For example, you may see this screen if there is a problem with the entry point at the subway turnstile.

Red not in service screen

Not In Service

This screen appears in one of several scenarios. For example, you may see this screen if the subway turnstile is undergoing maintenance.

Enter front door

Enter Front Door

This screen appears on buses where OMNY readers are not activated at all doors. Please enter the bus through the front door.

Yellow MetroCard only screen

MetroCard Only

This screen appears when the OMNY reader is not in service, but the MetroCard reader is still in service. You can continue using MetroCard when this screen appears at OMNY readers.

Tap to Exit

Tap to Exit

Tap here to exit through the AutoGate. You can use any contactless card, smart device, or OMNY card to open the gate. You will not be charged a fare to exit. Please do not hold the AutoGate open for others to enter.